What is ASHC Foundation ?

ASHC Foundation is a leading charity in the world working since long time. There are an estimated 106 million neddy in world. ASHC Foundation aim is to serve the one who are in needs in a holistic manner, enabling them to live active, dignified and healthier lives.

ASHC Foundation focus over the years has moved from Welfare to Development. It provides relief through various healthcare interventions such as – it runs one of the largest mobile healthcare programs through its Mobile called JESUSNANAK, spanning the country providing free healthcare services to destitute everyone, it helps people to earn their livelihood through the formation of Self-Help Groups making self-reliant, it conducts various health awareness and healthcare platform to help those people who are suffering from dangerous disease like breast cancer, prostate cancer etc. And also looks after their basic needs.

What ASHC Foundation do?

Ashc foundation provides various facility which will help the world so that they can live their live healthy and fit. And also provide various medical awareness, and physical camps so that we are able to help the needy who were suffering from the deadly disease like cancer.

How our donation help you?

From your donation we provide camps and other medical support to the poor people who are not able to full fill their needs.

How we can donate?

For donation you can use pay pal, credit card and others cards and click on the above donate and by clicking fill your detail and donate.