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Donate for Prostate Cancer



A leading charity working for the disadvantaged elderly of India, ASHC foundation has been active for over long times. It has one of the largest mobile healthcare programs across India, providing free healthcare services to destitute elders.

Prostate cancer is one of the cornerstones of this organisation. Prostate is a second leading cause of death in the World. ASHC foundation conducts more than 50,000 thousand medical camps, more than 28,000 awareness camp in the world to protect everyone from the cancer. This has helped over 9 lakh elders not only in restoration from cancer but also going back to work as independent individuals.

ASHC foundation India also works towards providing palliative care to end-stage cancer patients. Pairing with several credible and competent hospitals, the organisation helps the poor elderly who cannot afford expensive medication for cancer.

Why to donate?

We as responsible human beings are always suppose to provide help to the poor ones. God has given every human being as much as he deserves. We are the agents of god and we should always think of improving and encouraging our society with good thoughts of kindness, love and respect for every living being. By God’s grace we have everything a man needs to live but what of those who are disabled, poor ,those who live without shelter and if they trapped in such a situation like they suffer from any such disease and are not to able to visit the doctors because of their poverty.

But if you want to make the biggest difference you can to those in need, is donating to disaster relief the best way you can spend your money.

We are determined to make sure no life is needlessly ruined by leprosy.

ASHC foundation supports the health of the underprivileged rural population through free health enters for general public.

  1. We are here for a vast mission which is the work of humanity, it is a non-
    profiting mission for us, a good work to help those who are disabled.
  2. To help individuals and communities break the cycle of poverty that prevents them from reaching their full potential.
  3. To help those who is not able to spend so much on them for their treatment.
  4. We provide various health camps for the people to provide them various facility.
  5. Our foundation helps the poor in every possible way and for this we need your support. you can support us and show your to the needy by donation so that we could provide them clothes, food, medicine and other things.
  6. Donation will bring new meaning to your life because donating poor is a kind of prayer.
  7. We conduct health camps for the rural areas in India, where there is low health infrastructure. These camps create awareness.
  8. Your involvement may be small but it will make a big difference in the vulnerable of the underprivileged.

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