What is Jesus Nanak ?

Dr. Steve Bedi from America is here to teach everyone how to live free of mind. In this video, you will learn the mission of Jesus Nanak. Please watch this video till end. This video describes the mission of JesusNanak App? In starting this video teches to live your life in present as JesusNanak does. There are more than 7 billion peoples in the world and all of them have their own state of mind. but their state of mind is condition, means sleeping. Everyone pretends that they are waked up but in reality, they all are sleeping. And that what the problem is? Everyone has a mind phenomenon and that just produces 5 to 10 percent of conscious mind and rest of the peoples are in unconscious state. And as they grow up, they become condition unconscious. Jesus born before 600BC in bethleham and the Herod, king wanted to kill him. Joseph and Mary, they went to Egypt and stayed there. Later at age between 12 and 29 Jesus went to east and studied about unconditional consciousness and then he returns to Israel Herod got scared after seeing him so he wanted to crucify him because he says kingdoms of heavens is inside a view. And when they hanged him there were prisoner, he said father release them they are sleeping they are not waked up they all are innocent. Jesus born again virgin from himself because he became unconditional consciousness. This video teaches to follow sat chit Ananda. Which Nanak adapted. Sat means, truth, existence. Chit means, consciousness we have and consciousness of the world and Ananda means, body. This body we have to celebrate every second when we become totally conscious. Also Satyam Shivam Sundaram. Satyam means, Satya. Shivam means consciousness Sundaram means, Body which is blessing. This is the reason why jesus nanak app is created, beacuse everyone should live there life happily and healthy which nature has given. This video teaching about inner size to live unconditional consciousness with SatyaChitAnanada and Stayam Shivam Sundaram. You will learn how to keep yourself healthy. You can also join our website to learn how to stay healthy and connect with Doctors and share your problem if you have. You can also get our book from amazon kindle for free.

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