What is Corona Virus? | How to Survive from Corona Virus | Dr. Steve Bedi (MBBS) India

Dr. Steve Bedi from America is here to teach everyone how to live free of mind. In this video, you will learn about Corona Virus. This video teaches us about how to survive from unconsciousness and corona virus…corona virus has become a pandemic disease ….started in china ..about 2800 persons dead and 83000 have been observed infected by corona…on 26th President donald trump had a press conference on this crucial topic ….corona virus is actually a family of virus that has lepid in a well pay and it has come from a virtue called RNA it can be infected to the birds ,mammals etc.The first thing to avoid corona virus is to become conscious …nowadays the peoples are 1percent conscious and 99percent unconscious …..The best way to become conscious is through your body ….mind is intellect heart is intitution but body is instan..you need to strengthen your immune system and for that natural edible contents like fruits and raw materials are required…..so at the end …Be conscious..to avoid corona .. Please watch this video till end. You will learn how to keep yourself healthy. You can also join our website to learn how to stay healthy and connect with Doctors and share your problem if you have. You can also get our book from amazon kindle for free

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