How to Cure from Breast Cancer Without Surgery?|Dr. Steve Bedi (MBBS) India

Dr. Steve Bedi from America is here to teach everyone how to live free of mind. In this video, you will learn about Breast Cancer. Please watch this video till end.
This video teaches about how to cure Breast cancer or no more Breast cancer. We do not want any women to get breast cancer.
Causes of Breast Cancer are many it could be hormonal, trauma but multiple birth can do that If women is feeding, they will never get breast cancer.
This video teaches to do exercise, change diet plan and live consciously and you will never get breast cancer back. If you ever have lump in your breast consult to doctors.
Also, I have written a book ‘Cancer Cure at Home Naturally’ and there is chapter ‘Never to Get Breast Cancer. Read the chapter and you will never get breast cancer. Read chapter thoroughly talk to doctors and live healthy.
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