Rethinking the way, you receive care. We see the full you – mind and body

Our approach to care about you by breaking down the walls we provide a platform which will make you healthy and fit our platform also teaches you about the consciousness and unconsciousness that is power of mind and body. We also provide the team of verified doctors you can do live chatting with them for your problems. We basically concentrate in making people disease free, healthy and happy.

Heathcare With Modern Touch
Our telehealth solution make it easy for peoples to access best-in-class care wherever whenever, while driving down over all healthcare costs. By only connecting with the site you will get all the latest update about health. By which you can keep yourself disease free and it will make you live more than 100 years.

About ASHC Foundation

ASHC Foundation is a leading charity in the world working since long time. There are an estimated 106 million neddy in world. ASHC Foundation aim is to serve the one who are in needs in a holistic manner, enabling them to live active, dignified and healthier lives.

ASHC Foundation focus to teach you about unconditional consciousness. It provides various books and social networking healthcare – it runs one of the largest mobile healthcare programs through its Mobile called JESUSNANAK, spanning the country providing free healthcare services to destitute everyone, we distributed books for free just to aware everyone about unconditional consciousness, the book also has various polarizing therapy which will provide you healthy diet plan to make you healthy and fit. It conducts various health awareness and healthcare platform to help those people who are suffering from dangerous disease like breast cancer, prostate cancer etc. And also looks after their basic needs.


Our Mission And Vision

Our mission is to wakeup mother India to promote mother India the best place in the world to heal the cancer of mind.

Every person has right to lead their life happily and disease free

All our efforts revolve around and indispensable guiding light i.e. our vision. It underlines our motive as a social enterprise and serves as the benchmark for assessing our approach. Our approach to meet the vision includes:

  • To aware everyone about consciousness (power of mind and body)
  • To inspire everyone for better health.
  • To bring better services to lives of people.
  • To create income opportunities for the poor peoples.

Founder Thought’s

Our education system does not prepare us for the world today. We will fill the gap with the platform that does. ASHC Foundation is the online personal growth platform in the world. Chooses from hundreds of personal growth programs and transformative content given by brilliants doctors to keep you healthy and fit. Foundation also focused make all the people aware about consciousness by educating health practitioner, non-health practitioner and all the peoples of the world.

” Power of mind and body it teaches you to live free of mind. It also give you knowledge about all your health problems despite of treatment.”

Knowledge About Health And Will Make you Healthy

High quality, convenient healthcare on your schedule

We are here to help you to give you knowledge about all your health problem. We provide platform with verified doctors team and related videos and books which will enhance your knowledge about health and will make you healthy. We have you covered from A to Z and are here to support your wellbeing over time. We have our best team of doctors with us to help you all, we help support your wellness journey.