ASHC Foundation

ASHC Foundation is a non-profit organization formed in 2012. Mother nature at this time is crying for help. It is in an stage entropy. It has to be totally balanced. The only way that the balance can take place, is that every individual that is living on this Earth becomes a watcher to themselves, to take fully responsibility. The population has to be reduced.

Our Mission

ASHC Foundation’s mission is that everyone becomes a watcher. We are born with a watcher. It gives us 1% of consciousness, 99% unconsciousness. Watcher doesn’t belong to our mind, the watcher belongs to existence. We have to become a watcher to watch our body, outside and inside, our thoughts, emotions and attitude. Once you learn how to become a watcher, you become unconditional consciousness.


  1.  The watcher will provide you a stress free life.
  2. Cancer cure without chemotherapy or radiation.
  3. Cure breast cancer naturally.
  4. Cure heart diseases without bypass surgery or stunt.
  5. Cure high blood pressure & diabetes without pharmaceutical drugs.
  6. Cure acne, psoriasis & grow hair naturally.
  7. Fertilization through polarization.
  8. Cure knee arthritis & joint replacement without surgery.
  9. Prevent macular degeneration, cataract and glaucoma.
  10. Stay slim without medication.
  11. Increase growth hormones & live more than 165 years.
  12. Improve erection, ejaculation, performance and increase desire.
  13. Cure prostate diseases without surgery (prostate enlargement, cancer and prostatitis).
Baba Steve Bedi